Our Leaders come from all walks of life and have a wide range of skills and experiences, they volunteer their time to share these skills with our young people.
Name Role Email
Ceri Harms Group Scout Leader ceri.harms@1stfarehamscouts.org
Guy Breakwell Explorer Leader guy.breakwell@1stfarehamscouts.org
Adam Breakwell Assistant Explorer Scout Leader adam.breakwell@1stfarehamscouts.org
Gareth Hawksworth Scout Leader (Gillies Troop) gareth.hawksworth@1stfarehamscouts.org
Ashley Franklin Assistant Scout Leader (Gillies Troop) ashley.franklin@1stfarehamscouts.org
Ian Godsmark Assistant Scout Leader (Gillies Troop) ian.godsmark@1stfarehamscouts.org
Matt Trend Assistant Scout Leader (Gillies Troop) matt.trend@1stfarehamscouts.org
Gary Callaghan Assistant Explorer Leader gary.callaghan@1stfarehamscouts.org
Andy Bradshaw Assistant Scout Leader (West End Troop) andrew.bradshaw@1stfarehamscouts.org
Paul Lockyer Scout Leader (West End Troop) paul.lockyer@1stfarehamscouts.org
Rich Lister Assistant Scout Leader (West End Troop) rich.lister@1stfarehamscouts.org
Thomas Spooner Cub Leader tom.spooner@1stfarehamscouts.org
Angela Breakwell Assistant Cub Leader ange.breakwell@1stfarehamscouts.org
Sam Kneller Cub Section Assistant Sam.kneller@1stfarehamscouts.org
Caitlin.Butcher Cub Section Assistant Caitlin.Butcher@1stfarehamscouts.org
Serlo Longsdon Beaver Leader serlo.Longsdon@1stfarehamscouts.org
Lewis Winson Beaver Section Assistant lewis.winson@1stfarehamscouts.org
Anna Marie Mitchell Beaver Leader Anna-Marie.Mitchell@1stfarehamscouts.org



Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls